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1 Parkfield Cottages, Seven Corners Lane, Beverley, East Riding of Yorkshire, HU17 7AL

The cottage with a hidden garden in a rural lane near Beverley town centre.

The lane from North Bar Without was originally the rear service entrance to the land and buildings of the large red brick house now referred to as York Lodge (built by Rawlins Gould of York in 1869) – a house that has also been called Westwood and Little Tranby. The lane wasn’t called Seven Corners Lane in the 1890s, for there are only seven corners because of the footpath around the edge of the tennis courts (there by 1890). Parkfield Cottages were three servants’ cottages built for the main house along with coach houses where the garage and gravel are now.

This charming leafy corner of Seven Corners Lane forms the hidden garden of the corner cottage, and has remained happily green and gardened whilst parts of the lane have not survived so well. The essence of the lane is in this garden, there are mature trees, fruit trees, clipped hedges and climbers. A summer house and seating area catch the midday sun and a rock garden has been entwined with the roots of the ash tree. The cottage also has a back garden (not open) with a lawn, a millstone water fountain and a venerable shed covered in honeysuckle. The land to the north of the garden is much lower, noticeable from no. 7 Seven Corners Lane. Here the northern boundary wall is very thick, with a pantiled sloping top, presumably to retain heat from its southern aspect for fruit growing.

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Saturday 12 September: 11am - 4pm
Sunday 13 September: 11am - 4pm

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