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Bridlington Harbour Heritage Museum

Harbour Heritage Museum, Harbour Road, Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire, YO15 2NR

Located on Bridlington Harbour, this small museum tracks the history of the Harbour from its early days as a significant Port over 1000 years.

The Harbour Heritage Museum houses a fascinating range of displays showing nautical artefacts, historic photographs and details of the harbour's history, its seafarers and fishing fleet, there are models of vessels and a varied range of visual resources. The staff are very helpful and can add amazing details to your visit. There are also video presentations of the restoration of The Three Brothers, a historic Sailing Coble. There are Coble Festivals each year and sailing cobles are moored in Bridlington Harbour.

Entrance is free but donations are very welcome and help to maintain the sailing cobles The Three Brothers, The Gratitude and The Gansey Lass that can be seen moored in the Harbour. Harbour Heritage Museum is entirely staffed by volunteers.

Booking Details

No booking required


The museum is very small and access is manageable in a wheel chair but assistance may be required.

Additional Information

The Harbour Museum is in the heart of the Bridlington Quay, the area is a tourist hotspot with lots on offer from boat cruises, fishing trips and the like. Nearby is The Spa and the main town centre. Bridlington is the Lobster Capital of Europe and there is a Lobster Hatchery and Laboratory which is open on the 16th and 17th for pre-booked tours only. It is a great seaside with excellent visitor facilities.Contact for the day:Museum Staff


The museum entrance is on the Quayside and is only accessible by walking, it is wheelchair accessible though. The Harbour carpark is nearby about 5 minutes walk. If you are in the town centre look for Arnolds Fisheries and the walkway down the side with ramps down to the Quay.