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Chalk Tower, Flamborough

Chalk Tower, Lighthouse Road, Flamborough, Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire, YO15 1AN

The beacon tower that bankrupted its builder! Visit this rarely-open gem of a building, and learn of its changing role over the centuries.

The tower was built in 1674 by Sir John Clayton and George Blake as a lighthouse. Ships passing the tower were supposed to pay a tax, based on the weight of their cargo, to Clayton to support the provision of fires at the top of the lighthouse. Payment of the tax was voluntary, so mariners refused to pay, and Clayton went bankrupt. This was the end of the tower as a lighthouse.

As the chalk tower was visible from afar, it was used as a signalling point. Semaphore telegraphy was devised in 1792 to transmit coded messages using coloured flags, and this was done on the top of the tower. Messages were transmitted during the Napoleonic wars.

Since 1952 the tower has been listed Grade II* as a beacon tower. The Friends of the Chalk Tower have a licence with ERYC to open the ground floor to the public for special events.

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Access to ground floor only, up a few steps. Outside is fully accessible. No onsite car parking. Please park in ERYC car park a few hundred yards past Chalk tower.

Parking a few hundred yards away in ERYC car park. Toilets in car park. Refreshments available in nearby cafes.Contact for the day:Michelle Stephens 07944384786


Chalk Tower is the white tower next to Lighhouse Road, on golf course.