FERRIBY Hall is the creation of several generations of Hull merchant families. The central section of five bays forms the
core of the house rebuilt by Thomas Broadley in the mid eighteenth century on the site of an earlier house in the ownership of Alderman Robert Carlile in 1699. Broadley also consulted the writer and landscape gardener Stephen Switzer in 1726 who provided advice and plans for the grounds of the Hall. By the 1760s an ornate summer house and an Obelisk were focal points in a landscaped garden of fifteen acres behind the Hall.

The Broadley family retained the Hall until 1824 and it later became one of the many Ferriby properties owned by the Turners of Ferriby House who leased it to tenants. In 1905 on the sale of the Turner estate the Hall became a secondary residence of Lord Nunburnholme of Warter Priory. By the 1930s the garden was being advertised as building land and the Hallbecame a country club known as The Three Trees.