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Andrew Marvell’s Walk to School

SPEAKER: Stewart Mottram

 Andrew Marvell’s Walk to School

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By the tide of Humber: A walk around Andrew Marvell’s Hull.

What did 17th-century Hull look like, and how did its urban landscape and landmarks influence the writing of the Hull poet and politician, Andrew Marvell (1621-78)? This talk draws on original maps, archaeological and archival evidence, and Mottram’s ongoing research into Marvell’s Hull to recreate the appearance and experience of the streets through which Marvell would have walked on his daily commute in the early 1630s from the Hull Charterhouse - his boyhood home - to the old Grammar School, via High Street.

Along the way, we will pause to consider the influence of long-forgotten buildings and gardens on Marvell’s later poetry, focusing in particular on the poems ‘To his Coy Mistress’, ‘The Garden’, and ‘Upon Appleton House’.

Stewart Mottram is author of Ruin and Reformation in Spenser, Shakespeare, and Marvell, published in 2019 by Oxford University Press.

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