Curious incidents in the history of Hornsea – by Carol Osgerby

This talk arose from a commission by Hornsea U3A, to cover the history of the small coastal town of Hornsea. However, most of the major events in national history appear to have by-passed Hornsea.

Once a collection of villages, with a port and a small fishing industry, it never really succeeded as a spa and coastal resort. These days, it is considered a pleasant retirement community. 

What exactly has Hornsea’s impact on history been?

Some unexpected events have taken place here, including religious rebellions, and vicious attacks. There are tales of feet with mistaken identities, a reputed pirate,
of brass bands and kidnapped furniture.

Hornsea may not have hit the headlines, but it has attracted some interesting and
eccentric people.

„ When and where: Monday, September
11, 11.15am, at Wrecking Ball Arts Centre,
15 Whitefriargate