Developments at the Picture Theatre – by Hilary Byers

The National Civilian WW2 Memorial Trust has, for over 20 years, been working towards saving the remains of the National Picture Theatre cinema on Beverley Road in Hull, a structure which is listed for its historic interest as the last ordinary civilian building in England surviving from WW2 in its bombed state.

Now at last some real progress is being made on preserving the structure, thanks to National Lottery players, Hull City Council and the Trust.

Trustee Hilary Byers will talk about the early years of the cinema and the fateful
night of March 18, 1941. She will bring you right up to date with progress, including recent work to stabilise the building, and will explain plans for the future. Perhaps you have photos or memories of the National Picture Theatre or Beverley Road? Bring them along!

„ When and where: Thursday, September
14, 11.15am, at Old Stepney Station,
Beverley Road HU5 2TX