The Artistic History of Fenners – by Bryan Burton

J. H. Fenner & Co was founded 162 years ago in the “old town” of Hull.

The original products were of leather for use with horses, but expertise with that material was later applied to transmission belting for all areas of industry, followed by woven textiles for similar and other applications.

After 100 years, the company was a world leader in power transmission, perhaps most famously by vee belt drives but also by many other means, boasting that “Fenner keeps the wheels of industry turning”.

Cut to the present day and that world leadership is in heavy conveyor belting for mines and quarries, with Fenner now being part of a large multinational conglomerate.

In his talk Brian Burton unveils a collection of artworks, which were found concealed behind a partition in the factory.

„ When and where: Wednesday,
September 13, 10am, at Wrecking Ball Arts
Centre, 15 Whitefriargate