The Artists and Craftsmen of Hull Minster – by Michael Free

Hull Minster is Hull’s finest architectural treasure. Not only is it the largest parish
church in the country but it also has the oldest mediaeval brickwork in any
English building. Simply standing in the nave inspires awe and wonder of what is
around you and for those who built it.

The history of the church can be traced back to at least c1160 when there was a
wooden church on the site. When Edward I created Hull as the King’s Town he also ordered a new church fit for a King and stone began to replace thebrickwork.

This well-illustrated talk introduces you not only to the history and building of the church but also to some of the craftsmen and artists who transformed it into one of the best churches in the country.
„ When and where: Friday, September 8,
11.15am, Wrecking Ball Arts Centre, 15 Whitefriargate.