The Feminine Side of Sledmere House – by Janet Peacock

Sledmere House was brought into the possession of the Sykes family by heiress Mary Kirby, daughter of a Hull merchant and philanthropist, whose son owned the original Tudor mansion.

In 1704, Mary Kirby married Richard Sykes and her wealth passed to him, with two of their sons inheriting the estate and passing it down the generations for nearly 300 years.

Over the years, several heiresses have become mistress of the Sledmere Estate. Both Elizabeth Tatton, from Tatton Park in Cheshire, and Henrietta Masterman, from Settrington Hall, near Malton, brought money into the estate when they married.

In contrast, one lady of Sledmere was taken to court for debt with a disclaimer being put into the newspaper by her husband.

In this talk, Janet Peacock delves into the lives of the women connected to Sledmere House.

„ When and where: Tuesday, September
12, 4pm at Wrecking Ball Arts Centre, 15