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WITHERNSEA: Was it ever Hull-departed-for the Coast


Godfrey Holmes is a Local Historian, Poet, Writer, & Public Speaker, also a Sea-Swimmer,  living on Withernsea's North Promenade: reunited with the Resort after 45 years away... educated at Hanley High School, then Withernsea High School, then Nottingham University.

WITHERNSEA: Was it ever Hull-departed-for the Coast

This talk will shortly be accessible online.

Local historian Godfrey Holmes takes us on a tour of our nearest sea-side resort – Withernsea


- Anthony Bannister's vision for a brand-new [Railway] Seaside Resort;

- Getting there;

-  The first Pier;

-  The first Promenade;

-  The first Hotels & lodging-houses;

-  Withernsea's Inland Lighthouse;

-  The enormous input of jobbing & spec Builders;

-  Withernsea's rapid growth;

-  Withernsea's Heyday with Packed Beaches & thousands of day-trippers;

-  Horse-Racing on the sand, then at Hollym;

-  Fierce Competition from Expanding Hornsea, Rampant Bridlington too;

- The Railway Closes in 1964;

-  Rapid Decline & Fall;

-  Regeneraltion & Renewal of Withernsea since Year 2000... ongoing...

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