Tuesday 12 September:

10.30 and 14.00

Pre booking req.

01482 300306


Hull City Hall - Queen Victoria Square - Hull - HU1 3RQ

Plans to build Hull City Hall date back to 1900 when the Hull Corporation included proposals for the venue within a wider scheme to create a central location for city trams to meet.

Work commenced in 1903 and the building was in use by 1909 but unfortunately the exact opening date remains unknown.

In 1911, the organ, built by Forster and Andrews of Hull, was installed in the main hall. Today it remains one of the largest working organs in use in the country.

Hull City Hall offers a wide range of events each year, hosting top international names in contemporary live music as well as headline comedy acts, the world’s leading orchestras, celebrities, adventurers, drama, musicals, opera and more.

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The tours are conducted by Honorary Alderman Mary Glew
Call:01482 300306

Write to:Hull City Hall Box Office

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Max 20 people per tour/session.1 hourContact for the day:JOHN NETHERWOOD