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Since its formation in 1948, St Paul’s has been a big part in the culture of the City, training many young people in the crafts of boxing and in the skills of living.  Its combination of a supportive community-based atmosphere and quality coaching has touched very many lives in a positive way.  It has also produced an impressive string of champions, including Olympic Gold Medallist, Luke Campbell.  St Paul’s now has over 500 members, including approaching 100 girls, from 32 different ethnic backgrounds.  

 The gym used by St Paul’s (above the market hall opposite Hull Minster) had become very run down and so a group of local business leaders, Hull City Council and Sport England have combined to completely refurbish the gym and to make it accessible to all.   The renovation, which is costing around £800,000, is expected to be completed by the end of August 2020 and you are invited to

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