Thursday 15

Talk by Hilary Buyers on the National Picture Theatre. 11.30am


Stepney Railway Station House -  183 Beverley Rd - Hull - HU3 1TY

Come and explore Stepney Railway Station House, a fantastic Grade II listed building, which was designed by William Botterill and built 170 years ago! Currently, the building is used by Summit Education for social and educational activities.

Summit Education Society is inviting you to come and join us on a fantastic journey to history and cultural harmony with free refreshments and some small surprises with Turkish cuisine.

Stepney Railway Station House is a real live history, firstly opened in 1848 and operated until 1964. Summit Education’s acquirement in 2015, a major improvement (including an extension) programme has been implemented, and the building mission was converted to public benefit again as its roots.

Summit Education would also like to have local people’s involvement in their continuing History Research Project; recording the history of the building from its earliest days as a suburban railway station to its current situation. In addition they are pleased to have any photos or memories of the station and the surrounding area that you might have.