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The Elephant who Loved Gingerbread: Spring Bank Elephant Walk

TOUR GUIDE: Debbie Skalli

This walk to be added on video - to be added shortly

Follow the animals in the stone pavers from Pryme Street to Spring Bank that our elephant heroine followed every day in 1840 when travelling from her temporary home to Hull's newly opened Zoological gardens.

You'll be able to see where she tried to push her way into a shop, tempted by the wafting smell of of gingerbread and apples! Plus hear other interesting animal tales of Hull's zoo (1840-1862 ) including bribing the bears to the top of the pole with biscuits and the tale of the grumpy dromedary.

You'll finish the tour at the point on Spring Bank where the zoo once stood and children can have fun spotting the sculptures of friendly bears, upside down elephants and wallowing hippos.  


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